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Appin Forest Restock Planting

Sub contract work for RW Forestry at Appin Forest managed by Scottish woodlands, situated outside the North East boundry of the Galloway forest. 55 hectare of restock in total, pictured above and below a 27 hectare block.

Forestry Commission Lake District Tree Planting

Tree planting for JAH Forestry on Forestry Comission sites on the North Cumbria beat, Keswick North and western lakes areas. The best views at work guaranteed!

Summer At Appin Forest

A typical summer evening parked up on site in Dumfries & Galloway, after a day of maintenance work hand weeding trees with RW Forestry.


Cutting At Witherslack Woodlands

Our work at Witherslack has been completed until September when we’ll start up again, thinning out the woodlands and processing timber for the biomass boilers at Halecat yard and Witherslack primary school.

Mattock Planting at Cogra Moss

Tree planting for JAH Forestry at Cogra Moss, a Forestry Commission site near Ennerdale in the Lakes. It’s tough and rewarding work! A great environment to work in, both wild and extreme.

Woodland Thinning At Witherslack

The cutting season has started in the woods and we’ve been busy at Witherslack Woodlands close to the Halecat woodyard thinning out areas of native woodlands, clearing out dense natural regeneration and selective felling of genetically weaker standard trees. Ash is common on this site most of the young new growth has fallen victim to die back although there are still plenty left over for future seeding.

Many multi stem stools of old Hazel coppice have been cleared here also along with blackthorn and hawthorn. We’ve left some interesting matureĀ  Crab Apple trees and a few small Buckthorn in there, appearing into the open space are a good mix of mature species including Ash and Oak, along with some non native Larch, Sycamore and Pine.

Tree Planting Sites In Cumbria

Working for JAH Forestry on plantation sites across Cumbria and the Scotland borders including some great locations in the Lakes. The summer season of maintenance of young trees and preparing new sites for planting trees during the coming winter/spring season.